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Boiler service in sudbury

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Boiler service in Sudbury

Having your boiler serviced every year is very important to make sure it is safe and working correctly, failing to have your boiler serviced annually can allow your boiler to become unsafe and it’s efficiency can be effected.
During a boiler service our Gas safe engineers check that the appliance is clean and good condition with no signs of leaks or wear. Whether it is small signs of general wear or a larger fault, our engineers can resolve any issues you have. Leaving a small issue unaddressed can develop into a bigger problem costing more money and potentially causing more damage to your boiler.

If you have a new boiler it is important to have your boiler serviced every year to make sure the warranty on your new boiler is valid. If left and not serviced and the manufacturer is required to fix the boiler under warranty they can refuse and charge to fix the boiler costing you more money than the charge for a boiler service.
Having your boiler serviced is quiet easily forgotten after we have serviced or installed your boiler we will send out a reminder the month before your boiler is due a service giving you time to book a service when its convenient for you.

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Signs of boiler problems

If you are wondering if you boiler needs repair work carried out there are a couple of sign you can look for, your heating or hot water is not a hot as it was or your boiler has become noisy or noisier than it has been in the past, it is important to get a gas safe engineer to assess the problem and fix any problems that maybe be present getting your boiler running back to normal in no time.

If your radiators are not getting as hot as they have in the past then you may require a central heating system power flush a service that we can provide. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Landlord Certification

Do i need a landlord certificate and why?

The answer is YES you do need a landlords certificate if you have a rental property! 

Landlords are legally required to ensure the safety of all gas appliances in their properties, which must be updated annually . At Younger Smith our gas safe engineers carry out landlords certification (CP12 certificate) for many landlords and estate agents in the Sudbury and Suffolk area. We also provide full installation, maintenance, repair and service appliances and systems giving landlords and tenants peace of mind.

Failing to have an in date landlord certificate is illegal.

Book a service before your certificate expires.

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landlord certifcate boiler service in sudbury

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