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What is a heating system power flush?

A system heating power flush is the use of specialist equipment and chemicals to clean a heating system of sludge and debris which can cause blockages in pipework, cold spots on the radiators or damage to the boiler. 

Power flushing can be beneficial in increasing the life of the heating system including the radiators, pump and the boiler. also increasing the efficiency of the heating by removing debris in the radiators making them more efficient and saving gas and money. A power flush can also be used to help with flow problems where there may be a blockage or partial blockage in the pipework stopping one or more radiators from getting hot or causing them to heat up slowly, the high flow pump used pushes water around the system at high velocity to move the debris and help solve circulations and flow issues.

Having a power flush before a new boiler is installed can be very important when it comes to the warranty that comes with a new boiler especially when it is a combination boiler (Combi) boiler that is to be installed. It is important that the system is power flushed because the water ways inside a combi boiler are smaller than a conventional or system boiler, this means that it can become block easier than other types of boiler. These blockages can cause the boiler manufacturer to invalidate the boilers warranty.


Power flushing and cleaning chemicals added to clean system


Magnacleanse used to collect debris and sludge while the cleaning process occurs


Inhibitor chemicals and magnetic filter added to protect the system in the future


Top up inhibitor if water is drained or fresh water added, magnetic filter cleaned annually

How is a power flush preformed?

A power flush is performed by connecting a power flushing machine to the heating system this can be done in several ways most commonly the power flushing machine is connected by removing the central heating pump and connecting the machine to the pump valves. When there is not an external pump for instance on a combi boiler the pump head on the boiler can be removed and the power flushing machine can be connected and flushed from there. The power flushing machine used can pump up to 90 liters per minute around the heating system and also alternate the direction the water flows around the system to dislodge debris and sludge (magnetite). 

A magnetic filter is connected in along side the power flushing machine. Once the debris and sludge has been dislodged the magnetic filter used a Adey Magnacleanse collects magnetic debris on the two strong magnets these are removed periodically and cleaned.

Strong chemicals specifically for power flushing are used to help break down sludge in radiators and pipe work.

Before the system flush begins all radiator valves are opened fully and the chemicals are added. The power flushing machine is then turned on and the chemicals added the system is then left to circulate for an hour while. Once the hour of circulating is up all radiators are then turned off but one. Then one radiator at a time is flushed individually alternating the flow direction, this is done to get maximum flow through one rad at a time to remove maximum debris deposits.

Once all the radiators have individually been flushed all the radiators are then reopened the system is then flushed with clean water to remove all the chemicals and remove anything not picked up by the magnacleanse magnetic filter. This is done until the water runs clear and is tested. Once drained a domestic magnetic filter is cut into the system to collect any sludge that develops in the future, this filter is then removed and cleaned when the boiler is serviced each year.

The radiators are then re filled and balanced, inhibitor is added to the system to protect the system from future damage.